torstai 3. heinäkuuta 2008


Well, I had a little chat with a friend at work about the language I´ll use on this blogg. Most people of course blogg with their mother language. The problem is, that most blogs I read are in swedish and in english so if I want to make myself understood I´ll have no choice ;) Today I wanted to write about our adoption for the first time (I just started the blogg) after warming up writing about our cottage (-garden) and flowers which are my current interest for the time being (vacation, starting tomorrow).

My husband and I married for two years ago after some years of knowing "We´ve come home". The picture taken is on our wedding day. He is a sweet person, giving our family, consisting of us , my three children and two chihuahuas (cant be mentioned as only "dogs"), a lot of love and laughes! Two years ago we came to the point where we decided that if possible, we would love to add a child to our family and started the adoption process. Here in Finland we talk about years when adopting a child. Now our papers are in Ethiopia. We do not know how long it will take. But we are happy to know that a big dream of ours is coming true!

I've been comforted by wonderfull adoptionbloggs. I´t seems like the world becomes so much smaller when people share their experience. That has been such joy to read how others have built their family, also through adoption. If needed I´ll struggle with this english of mine to tell how we are doing. And now I, as a person who love romantic thing will put a picture from Rome, the eternal city, which we visited when we started our adoption journey.

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M & M kirjoitti...

I love Finland. I was an exchange student in Jyvaskyla in '82 and this year my "sister's" son will come and live with me in the USA AND OUR new little baby adopted from Ethiopia (and my teen bio kids, of course!). I'm so glad I found this blog!

Dahlia kirjoitti...

Yeeeee, its so nice to get in touch with you. I gratulated you on your blogg but want to say it here too: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It will be exiting to here when you travell to get your son!